Experienced | Adaptive | Innovative

Who We Are

Inficore Company LTD is an ICT firm based in Kenya whose main mandate is offering ICT Solutions, Products and Services across Africa.

Our core business includes world class business management solutions and support services that integrate business process and adds value.

By establishing excellent relationships with our clients, we also believe in high integrity, trust and continued improvement of our technology and quality services.

What We Do

We have Expertise in enterprise software solutions with Specialized Skills in Manufacturing, Financial and Distribution ERP business solutions

We have Partnered with Premium ERP software providers to help you implement premium software solutions

We have wealth of knowledge to assist you in configuring a system tailored solution specific to your business needs

Our Focus

We provide our clients with the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies that will deliver the finest products. The company invests in understanding the various clients’ needs and identifying specific solutions that best meets those needs.

We understand the need to provide quality services at the most competitive price and we continuously seek ways of enhancing efficiency in service delivery. We are always working on achieving quality service while taking care of our clients’ financial needs.

We understand that it’s always easier to sell more to an existing customer than to seek a new customer. Therefore, the company is investing in enhancing the quality of service and has a continuous service level assessment process in place.